DD Ongoing

BERYL ONGOING DUE DILIGENCE  is an extension of our initial due diligence. Our goal is to remain proactive and identify potential risks. We schedule monitoring calls on a quarterly basis to discuss recent fund performance, peer group comparison, changes in portfolio construction, near and medium-term outlook in light of prevailing market conditions, significant asset flows, key staff hire or departures and more. We call a manager immediately if we determine anything that could lead to a potential problem (violation in position limit rules, large redemptions, significant change in performance, exposure to a volatile area of the market, etc). 

"2008 and 2011 dramatically illustrated the importance of rigorous and efficient hedge fund screening and selection process. At Beryl, we maintain a dedicated team of hedge fund analysts responsible for conducting fund due diligence, both prior to their being accepted onto our platform and regularly thereafter. Our due diligence procedures are detailed and systematic and include on-site visits as well as in-depth analysis of fund investment themes and performance. Over the years, our disciplined approach has enabled us to identify top managers while safeguarding our clients from a number of large frauds that have shaken the industry."   

Vidak Radonjic