BERYL Ventures

The partners at BERYL VENTURES have a strong entrepreneurial track record and have worked together at The Beryl Consulting Group since 2004 where they advised a number of family offices and institutions on hedge funds and PE/VC. The partners possess diverse complementary experience and skills including Investment Management, Operations, Technology, Artificial Inteligence, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Intelectual Property Law. These diverse backgrounds provide unique insights from one industry or sector into another. 
We operate from both the U.S. and China and seek partnerships with entrepreneurs in early stage (pre-seed and seed) with proven track records of innovation and accomplishment. We believe that great entrepreneurs are the single most important asset in building great businesses, hence we emphasize human capital and vision over all other aspects. 
We offer high level strategic guidance, industry contacts, access to management talent, and capital to ensure that entrepreneurial teams working with us have the best possible resources to achieve success. We provide hands-on-assistance in the area of big data, AI, blockchain, e-commerce, content marketing, life science and fintech.
Our ecosystem consists of hedge fund and private equity managers covering various industries that connect us to well established companies and thought leaders. We have access to top universities including Harvard, MIT, Tsighua University (China) and we run a succesful annual investor conference ( where we source ideas and talents.
If you have an innovative idea that is scalable and can solve a critical problem(s) in niche market, we would like to hear from you.