BERYL Hedge Funds

THE BERYL METHOD  At Beryl, we conduct systematic and disciplined Due Diligence and Porffolio Construction In early 2004, we recognized a structural flaw in the fund of hedge funds industry characterized by "surface" due diligence and "friend of friends / faith-based" allocations. Our solution was an independent method that combines top-down strategy assessment with bottom-up manager evaluation supported by our proprietary software. 

SPECIALIST TEAM BERYL has assembled a team of senior hedge fund specialists. The team focuses on forward-looking fundamental research on capital markets, the evolution of hedge fund opportunity sets and the ability of a manager to execute a given strategy and generate alpha.

BESPOKE SOLUTIONS   All of BERYL's services are highly customizable. Through this flexibility, we offer cost-efficient and high quality solutions. Clients can outsource various components of our  Service Offerings

PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY Successful investing requires a structured and systematic approach. Our proprietary desktop application BERYL TOOLS  and our online platform BERYL360 is powering our research process and hence benefiting our clients further.

STRONG NETWORK  BERYL continues to build upon its reputation and strong network of managers and institutional investors. Press & Media regularly call our analysts  to provide expert views and opinions on the industry.   Pensions & Investments identified BERYL as a hedge fund advisory firm with "High Sophistication."  Click here for Pensions & Investments ranking.