Beryl Information Technology


Beryl Information Technology provides IT services for enterprises in the area of web technology, remote LAN, and customized BI solutions. We will provide consulting services in these areas.
Our web technology service innovates the traditional web sites with plain html using the most advanced Content Management System (CMS). It brings the capailities of comprehensive content management, customer communication, community colloboration, e-commerce, powerful searching, and social network into a single system.
Our remote LAN (Local Area Network) service brings the convinience of operating an enterprise anywhere and anytime in the world using the technology Microsoft office business applications, internet connection and virtual machines. It will enable the colloboration among remote colleagues so that they can work as a single mind.
Our customized BI (Business Intelligence) service brings the decision making power from enormous amount of business data using the advanced tools of data integration, analytic prediction and intelligent reporting. It will enable the decision of executives in an orgnaization is not based on qualititative experience, but from solid data.